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Insurance for contractors

We have the tools to help you

Quebec has approximately 32,000 businesses in the construction sector. Each of them is different and has its own identity. Their insurance needs are just as different and unique. This is why it is important to have an insurance broker who understands your needs and who is able to offer you all the products you may need. At Gold Standard Insurance, our team of brokers will be able to advise you and offer you the insurance products that are best suited to your business.

There are hundreds of business insurance coverages. What do I need?

Where to start?

By talking to a broker, you will be able to identify your insurance needs and make an informed choice concerning your coverage. Insurance is very complex and it's easy to get lost. A quick 15-minute telephone conversation will allow us to discuss your business and guide you towards your various options. Everything is offered free of charge and without any obligation on your part. After this discussion, you will already see much more clearly through it all. Don't waste time and ask one of our experts depending on your industry.

The basics of business insurance

Type of Coverage

Property insurance

Property insurance covers the tangible, what is material, in the broad sense. It is therefore possible to cover buildings, equipment, tools or even stationery. It will also be possible to cover the consequences that damage to your property could cause, in particular the subsequent loss of income.

Third party liablity insurance

Your responsibility could be engaged in different ways and, depending on your activities, you may need several coverages: third party, professional, environmental, directors and officers, or other.

Insurance of contractor tools and equipment

Your tools and equipment are often on the road or on construction sites. Adequate insurance must be taken out to cover them wherever they may be.

Jobsite insurance

Whether small or large, your jobsites should be insured, your materials, your workforce or both, you have several options, let us help you!

A specialized insurance according to your activities.

Complement of Coverage

Wrap-up insurance

Third party liability insurance that covers you and all of the subcontractors involved in a project. This insurance is ideal for establishing the cost of third party liability insurance per project.


Protection covering the impact your activities could have on the environment.

Defective work

Protection that covers poorly performed work done by you or your subcontractors following a claim. It will cover your cost in materials and labor in order to resume work.

Contractors' errors and omissions

As a construction specialist, you may sometimes make recommendations that could harm your clients.

Myth or reality

Beliefs in construction insurance

Am I covered for my third party liability with the RBQ license security?

No, the RBQ license security protects the public against fraud and embezzlement, among other things.

If I have a car accident, my tools will be covered by my company car insurance?

FALSE. The tools must be covered on my business insurance.

I do not need to insure my jobsites, I already have a $ 2,000,000 third party liability insurance and my jobsites have a value of $ 500,000.

FALSE. There are distinct insurances that do not cover the same thing.  It will therefore be important to analyze you needs in order to offer you the best coverage.

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