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An incident can happen at any time and to anyone, as your insurance broker we are here to make sure you are covered during those life's unforeseen events and in the event of an incident, it is reassuring to know that you can count on your Gold Standard Insurance broker to support you during the claim process. Contact us now 647-812-5999.


Before Claiming

You have just experienced an incident? First of all, stay calm and make sure that you are safe and that you are not injured.

Contact us 647-812-5999

Contact our team and describe the circumstances of the car, home or other incident. We can help you understand the impact that an incident can have on your damage insurance file, offer you advice during the process and inform you about the next steps after taking charge of your file with your insurance company.


Making a Claim

Before making a claim to the insurer, be sure to contact our team for advice.

Have you contacted us or are you in an emergency situation?

Quickly notify your insurer and describe the circumstances of the incident, to the best of your ability.

Meet with the designated claims adjuster.

The insurer will appoint a claims adjuster to settle your claim. They will guide you through the claims process, but we will be there to support you. They will investigate the cause of the incident, estimate the damage and negotiate the settlement with you.


Open Claim

You would like to reach us following an ongoing claim? Call your broker now and receive assistance.

The stages of settling a claim

After identifying the cause of the incident, the claims adjuster is responsible for validating your coverages and whether the claim is admissible or not. Afterwards, they must estimate the value of the damage and suggest a compensation. They will ask you for documentation (invoices, etc.) which you will have to provide as quickly as possible to facilitate the processing of your request. Once agreed upon with the insurer, the selection of the contractor can be made and the work authorization given.

Get help in the process

Our team

Our team's mission is to support Gold Standard Insurance's clients during the claim process following an incident while offering good advices.