You are a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer?

Jointly responsible, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers form a chain that ends with the consumer. The latter will have recourse against one or the other of the links in this chain. This is why it is important to have an insurance broker who understands your needs and who is able to offer you all the products you may need. At Gold Standard Insurance, our team of brokers will be able to advise you and offer you the insurance products that are best suited to your business.

There are hundreds of business insurance coverages. What do I need?

Where to start?

By talking to a broker, you will be able to identify your insurance needs and make an informed choice concerning your coverage. Insurance is very complex and it's easy to get lost. A quick 15-minute telephone conversation will allow us to discuss your business and guide you towards your various options. Everything is offered free of charge and without any obligation on your part. After this discussion, you will already see much more clearly through it all. Don't waste time and ask one of our experts depending on your industry.

The basics of business insurance

The Basic coverages

Property insurance

Property insurance covers the tangible, what is material, in the broad sense. It is therefore possible to cover buildings, equipment, tools or even stationery. It will also be possible to cover the consequences that damage to your property could cause, in particular the subsequent loss of income.

Machine breakdown

This protection covers claims of electrical or mechanical origin and due to pressure, including or not your production chain.

Third party liability

Your responsibility could be engaged in different ways and, depending on your activities, you may need several coverages: third party, professional, environmental, directors and officers, among others.

Operating loss

Protect your loss of income resulting from an incident covered by your insurance policy.

A specialized insurance adapted to your activities.

Complement of Coverage

Manufacturers' errors and omissions

This coverage is intended to cover failure to fulfill the intended function when it causes damage that is not of a bodily or material nature.


This protection aims to protect you against seismic activities, whether they be artificial or natural.

Sewer backflow

When wastewater causes damage, it is very likely that the required protection is the sewers' backflow. This protection will cover the affected property and building.


This protection covers floods, in addition to the leakage or overflow of any natural or artificial body of water, surface water, waves, tides, tidal waves and tsunamis.

Myth or reality

Insurance beliefs for retailers, wholesalers or manufacturers

My company did not manufacture a product, I am therefore not responsible for the damage it may cause.

False.   According to caselaw, the retailer could be held liable or be prosecuted for the damages caused by a product sold.

I have an additional risk if my products are manufactured in China.

True.  When your product is manufactured in China, in addition to possibly having problems regarding quality, it is extremely difficult to seek a remedy against a Chinese manufacturer.  The chain will therefore stop at the wholesaler or retailer.

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