During the first hours

After an incident, first make sure that you are safe and that you are not injured. Whether it is a car accident or an incident affecting your property, here are the first steps before contacting your insurer.

Types of incidents

Damage to your car 

  • Take the time to complete a joint report or a police report
  • Take the time to notice the material damage on your car. Take pictures and list damaged goods
  • Contact our team at 647-812-5999

Damage to your home

  • Take steps to limit the damage or its aggravation, but do not make any permanent repair before speaking to your broker or insurer
  • In case of water damage, dry everything as soon as possible to avoid mold
  • Document the status of the incident with pictures or videos
  • If you throw away soaked items, be sure to take a picture and describe them for claims purposes
  • In the event of a fire, do not enter until you have obtained authorization from the competent authorities

Our team

Contact our team at (647) 812-5999 to support you before, during and after an incident.